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New England distributor of WMF and Nuova Simonelli espresso/cappuccino Equipment

Purchasing espresso equipment is much more than the machine itself. Our selling process is one that ensures that all of the tools that are needed for successful execution are met. Every espresso application needs four components to be successful, good coffee, right equipment for your application, excellent service, and marketing. Missing one of these ingredients is critical to the success of your specialty beverage program. The Macdonald Company takes you through each of these success drivers, ensuring
a smooth operation. Our customers have the “piece of mind” that they have purchased a “company”.

Equipment Selection ProcessEquipment Selection Process

• What is the food service application? (Fine dining, casual dining, cafĂ©, coffee shop, bakery, ect.)
• Type of service ( take out, sit down or self serve)
• Number of seats
• Number of employees
• Expected volume of drinks and when ( steady throughout the day, morning rush, evening   dinner)
• Cup sizes to be served ( single serving, multiple cup sizes)
• Menu development (type of beverages offered, what milk types are to be offered)
• Budget
• Site planning ( electrical/water supply/drainage)

Macdonald Company takes your idea and follows it right through to completion. Join our group of customers that experience “piece of mind” and purchase the “company” not just equipment.

Mark Macdonald
Macdonald Restaurant Repair Service